We have pioneered the techniques for getting the best results in many areas including touchup. As an industry leader, people choose us because they know we will perform “magic” and produce results that no one else can achieve. Touchup is one of those areas. Most people consider touchup as a quick and dirty fix that just fills in the color however most often the repairs are more ugly than the damage itself. Achieving the best touchup results requires mixing the paint, using clear coat hardeners, proper prep, and proper refining. Especially body shops and dealerships, and most detailers, their method is brush it on straight from the bottle and that will guarantee inconsistent results.

Swirl removal or paint correction is another area we lead the industry. We are known for the magic we perform on black paint as well as for meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customer’s. Not all paints are created equal. The Scratch Shield paint on the Nissan GTR is a self healing paint that requires extreme measures to properly correct due to its heat sensitive nature during the 2-3 year window that the self healing works. Other situations we commonly deal with are paint that is extremely thin due to over buffing from other detailers, or paint that appears to have clear coat failure. We regularly fix other peoples mistakes or other shops inability to produce the results the client demands.

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